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History Dobronice at Chýnov

The first evidence of the existence of the village Dobronice is from 1366, when the field is mentioned in Dobronice belonging priest in Týn.

In the early 14th century was one part of the village priest of Vyšehrad church. In 1421 emperor Zikmund forward, as the chief owner of church property, this part of Peter Zmyslova and in 1437 Mikuláš Sokol of Lamberk.

Another holder of Dobronic was Bohuslav Břekovec of Ostromeč, who in the late 15th relinquished Malovcům century.

The second part of the village with the court and the fortress belonged in 1454 bishop Jan of Dobronicbas an estate for inheritance.

In 1525 was the owner of the village of Václav Tučap.

A few years later, he was already the owner of this part Jindřich Lapáček of the village Rzavá, who won in 1557 by Catherine Malovcové. In 1563 he agreed with Vyšehrad priest and after the payment became owner of both parts Dobronice. After Lapáček death his six sons of this village, fort and court split. A year later, they sold over 2250 Czech kick raps all parts Mandalena Malovcové of Lišova.

At the beginning of the 17th century became the holder Chýnov estate, including Dobronice, son in law Zikmund Vencelík.
After the extinction of the Eggenberg dynasty in the early 18th century inherited Chýnov genus and those Schvarzenberg this estate, including Dobronice, belonged until 1848. After 1848 the estate changed in capitalist estate. Dobronická court was the first land reform J.Adamovi assigned.

Around half of the 18 century village consisted of 12 and 9 vilage peasant houses, the population reached 200 people. In 1850 the village had 304 inhabitants and 34 dwellings. Most people lived in Dobronice in 1880, when their number reached the 395th After the first world war, there were 339 people and 252 after the second war.

In 1970 (57 houses). In 1982, Dobronice administratively linked to Kloužovice and eventually, Chýnov.
Source: State Regional Archives Trebon 29.11.2003



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