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Fire Association


Fire History Associations in Dobronice u Chýnova


Drafted at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association Fire
First October 1911 in the presence of 23 members:
1) Selection Committee for three years
2) Three guards accounting for one year
3) Determination of total members
4) Balance of other proposals
1) The Committee unanimously elected the following people:
friend Joseph Fau  mayor
friend Josef Kazda commander
friend Josef Zeman deputy commander
friend Josef Fucik lay judges committee
friend Josef Vanek lay judges committee
friend Josef Kubec executive
friend Josef Vanek Treasurer
friend Josef Fucik sub
friend Alois Fau sub
2) Three Financial Supervisors
friend Jan Komárek
friend Josef Safar
friend Vaclav Janura
3) Contributions of members 2, - crowns a year
4) Balance of other proposals - no
This finished!
Source: Fire Chronicle 1911


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Total: 2934480
Month: 52279
Day: 1290